If you have submitted a volunteer application form please check your nominated email account (including your spam, social and promotions folders), we have responded to all applicants and provided information packs. We’re so glad that you have chosen to volunteer on market day!


All information requested will be kept confidential, we will not share the information you provide with any third parties. We are asking for personal information to gauge what tasks can be assigned to you as a volunteer.

As a volunteer you are expected to:

  • Fulfill the duties assigned to you.
  • Be upfront and honest about your application or declare any information that is relevant to your ability and capacity to fulfill your duties.
  • Show up on time and sign-in/out for your assigned shift. If you are unable to show-up for your shift, you must inform your assigned contact person as soon as possible.
  • Read the volunteer manual and show up for volunteer briefing sessions.
  • Acknowledge and sign a liability form releasing liability.
  • Additional roles, tasks and expectations maybe added.

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I hereby acknowledge that this application is subject to approval. I declare that all information contained in this form is true, correct and given of my own free will. I also declare that I have not been convicted of any criminal charges, undergoing investigation, undergoing any form of probation or under any form of insolvency. I declare that I am physically fit to participate in any market event and activities. I indemnify and will keep indemnified the Organiser and each event Sponsor, vendors, partners against all costs, losses or damages arising from or in relation to my attendance at or participation in the event including the attendance or participation of any person in my care.

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